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General Anesthesia Instructions

General anesthesia is used in most surgical cases.  The risks and benefits will be discussed in the pre-operative area with the anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

Regional Anesthesia Instructions

If “regional” anesthesia was used for your surgery (the anesthesiologist gave you an injection that made your entire limb “numb”), you will have received instructions from your anesthesiologist, particularly about length of time the block will last for you. If you have any questions, please call the hospital where you had the surgery and ask to speak with the post anesthesia care unit nurse. He or she can answer your questions or direct you to your doctors office.

Spinal Anesthesia Instructions

Spinal anesthesia is commonly used in total joint replacement surgery.  The anesthesiologist will discuss risks and benefits in the pre-operative area including post-operative course.
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