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New Patient Information

To improve our ability to help you, it is essential we review any information pertaining to previous diagnosis or treatment of your injury. All previous medical records must be sent to East Mesa Orthopedics prior to an initial visit or hand carried to the appointment. If these medical records are not available at the time of the initial visit, the appointment may need to be rescheduled. We will let you know whether to hand-carry your records or whether we will need to review them prior to scheduling your appointment.

It is the patient’s responsibility to bring the following to an initial visit at East Mesa Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine:

Previous x-rays, CT scans or MRI scans: Actual films and reports must be provided; a report alone is insufficient.

Results of previous testing or treatment (EMG’s, physical therapy, etc.)

Any brace or support prescribed for use.

Upon arrival at our Orthopedic office, personal and insurance information (address, phone number, etc.) will be verified. Once registration is completed, patients will be called back to the first available examination room.

A member of our physician’s team will review medical history and records and perform a physical examination. Team members may include a medical assistant or physicians assistant. Once this information is gathered it will be presented to the specialists physician. This physician may also discuss medical history, review records and perform a physical examination.

After the examination and records review are complete, the patient will receive an explanation of diagnosis and recommendations for ongoing care, which may include non-operative and/or operative treatments. Additional diagnostic testing (MRI, CT, etc.) may need to be ordered before final recommendations can be made.

At the end of the visit the patient will be provided with instructions on follow up procedures or appointments; and be given instructions on how to obtain additional information or follow up on any questions or concerns that might come up.

The time necessary to complete an initial visit is at least one hour. The complexity of patients’ needs or emergency situations may necessitate longer appointments or additions to the clinic schedule.

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