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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine In East Mesa

Sports Medicine doctors in East Mesa can be hard to find, but thankfully Dr. Hatfield is here to help. Dr. Hatfield is one of the leading Sports Medicine doctors in East Mesa who is also an orthopedic surgeon who can help treat a variety of sports-related injuries.

Here are the basics of sports medicine to help you make informed decisions.


What Is Sports Medicine?

When you get injured from exercising, playing sports, or any physical activity, a sports medicine health worker often treats your injuries. The goal of sports medicine is to restore function to your injured body parts to get you moving ASAP. You can also consult with healthcare practitioners trained in sports medicine to learn how to prevent illness and injury while participating in an active lifestyle.

Sports medicine health workers treat teens and children who play sports along with adults who exercise. People with physically demanding jobs can benefit from seeing a sports medicine health worker. These health workers usually have training for emergency, family, internal, or other specialties.

Some sports medicine health workers may specialize in treating injuries for kids and teens. Note that kids and teens’ bodies are different from adults’. Please visit the doctor for your age group to get the proper treatment. Should your condition be severe, then there are also sports health workers who have surgical training in orthopedics.

Occasionally, sports health workers will need the help of other experts to provide you with proper care.


Physical Therapists 

They record and evaluate your progress as they help improve your movement and ease pain from your injury or illness. They are important for your rehabilitation, preventive care, and treatment when you suffer from chronic conditions, injuries, or illnesses.


Certified Athletic Trainers 

These are certified trainers who provide you with exercise routines for your rehabilitation. The exercise routines help you regain strength to perform optimally. They are also responsible for providing you with conditioning programs to prevent future injuries.



These practitioners can help you gain or lose weight by providing you with dietary advice. Eating these diets can help improve your recovery and quality of life.

What Conditions Need A Sports Medicine Practitioner? You may see sports practitioners when you suffer from these conditions: 

  1. Fracture
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Concussion
  4. Ankle Sprain
  5. Cartilage Injury
  6. Eating Disorders
  7. Knee and Shoulder Injury

Sports Medicine health workers may also provide you with helpful supplements, exercise routines, injury prevention tips, and nutritional advice. There are times where you may need to see a specialist for exercises and nutrition, depending on your condition.


When Should I See A Sports Medicine Health Worker?

You should see a sports medicine health worker when you or your child suffer from a major injury during sports or exercises. Don’t wait to see a sports medicine specialist when you suffer from a major injury because you cannot know the true extent of your injuries. You may suffer from disability or death if you delay treatment.

Here are some signs of major injuries

  1. Swelling
  2. Severe pain
  3. Numbness
  4. Inability to put weight on your injured area
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