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Elbow Care Post-OP

Elbow Surgery

Remove dressing in 2 days and dress incisions with 4×4 gauze or band aids.

Clean incisions with hydrogen peroxide daily. If you have Sticky Strips covering the incision (Steri Strips) Don’t remove those. They will fall off on their own. Pour Peroxide over the area, it will get to incision.

  • Ice & elevate your arm.
  • Use Sling/Immobilizer as directed.
  • Resume your regular home medications.
  • You can expect some slight drainage from incisions.

We suggest as soon as you get home from surgery you begin taking your pain medication for pain. This will avoid the chance you could get behind in controlling your pain.

  • You may take Advil or Motrin/Ibuprofen for additional discomfort unless otherwise instructed.
  • Call and make an appointment for check up in 10-14 days following surgery
  • Resume your regular diet.

Showers- For the 1st and 2nd day shower with incisions covered and dry. On the 3rd day you may shower and allow water (no soap) on the incision, after shower clean incision with peroxide and keep incision dry as possible.

To prevent infection please refrain from swimming and or hot tubs until cleared by physician

If you have any questions or concerns please call our office

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